The Changing Business Face of Coral Gables: From Watches to Hotels to Consulates, the Corporate Climate is Evolving

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The Changing Business Face of Coral Gables: From Watches to Hotels to Consulates, the Corporate Climate is Evolving

Want a visual snapshot of a city whose business persona is growing? Then picture Coral Gables. This month, the Consulate of Belize in Florida inaugurated its new Coral Gables offices – joining several high profile businesses that have raised their stakes the Gables. In doing so, they have also raised the city’s stature as a destination for regional business, development and tourism.

Consider the names. Hyatt Hotels Corp. recently announced a new Coral Gables office would focus on the Latin America and Caribbean markets. Executive there would include operational and marketing vice presidents for the region.

Then, Swiss luxury watch maker Chopard announced it would invest $2 million to expand its existing customer service center here. Like Hyatt, the company’s expanded facility would serve the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean. As industries like luxury lodging and high-end watches and jewelry continue to be drawn to the Miami area (Cartier already offers on-site service in the Design District), the Gables will continue to grow its prominence as a global destination of choice for multi-national organizations.

Then, there’s the Belizeans. Their new offices, on Ponce de Leon Boulevard, will offer consular assistance to Belize nationals, as well as promote trade, investment and tourism to the Central American country.

The city continues to gain international attention for its business amenities and allure. Throughout the city, businesses are finding Class-A office space, top-tier amenities and a civic environment welcoming to new ventures and tenants.

The city recently was named a finalist in the 2013 LivCom Awards. The annual competition, which is endorsed by the United Nations, recognizes the world’s “most livable” communities. Coral Gables joins 13 cities in Austria, Greece, Korea, Malaysia, Hungary, Lithuania, France, Taipei and the Czech Republic as this year’s finalists. No other city from the United States – or the Americas – was recognized.

The winner will be named in November.

Coral Gables is known to many as a business center of the Americas. Businesses and companies here find Class-A office and commercial space, amid neighborhoods that retain timeless architecture and welcoming lifestyle amenities. “The City Beautiful” is increasingly recognized the world over for its business, civic and residential attributes.

It’s a vision George Merrick had almost 90 years ago. And it’s a picture of corporate and civic prosperity that continues to develop today.

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