Coral Gables Business Blog: In a Recovering Market, South Florida Has Much to be Thankful For

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Coral Gables Business Blog: In a Recovering Market, South Florida Has Much to be Thankful For

From Coral Gables to Coconut Grove to Miami Beach and beyond, businesses and workers alike are looking ahead to the holidays. As Thanksgiving approaches, some are seeing beyond the turkey and stuffing and holiday cheer to those things we truly can be thankful for.

At Forté Properties, we’re proud to be part of a three-generation family-run development group that has helped make, shape and mold the residential and business landscape from the Beach to the Gables.

Every day, we come to work surrounded by employees and tenants whose work and support we appreciate – and are perennially thankful for.

We’re also thankful to ply our trade in a vibrant marketplace like that found in South Florida. From international investors to local entrepreneurs, each fuel a robust, dynamic economy that drives good tidings for the region.

It wasn’t like that just a few years ago. In 2008, the Coral Gables office market was suffering like much of the rest of the South Florida business climate. New business starts were off. Vacancies were up. The Great Recession had taken its toll.

Five years later, the regional economy is in the midst of a great recovery. Occupancies are rising as vacancies drop in the local business marketplace. New business starts are growing, and as one regional development advisor recently said, “The official state bird is the building crane.”

We are thankful for the thriving South Florida marketplace and rebounding international traffic. From Brazil to Spain, France to Argentina, South Florida remains attractive to businesses and home-buyers, each keen to explore what our region has to offer. Meanwhile, traditional feeder markets – like New York and the Northeast – continue to be reliable drivers needed for long-term and sustained resurgence. 

At Forte Properties, we appreciate all those things and the success brought by the relationships we’ve nurtured over three generations. For us, that’s plenty to be thankful for this holiday season – and all year ’round.

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