$101 million TSA Grant Highlights Miami’s Importance in Global Business Community

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$101 million TSA Grant Highlights Miami’s Importance in Global Business Community

As a leading provider of class A office space and commercial real estate in the Coral Gables, Miami and South Florida market, Forté Properties is keenly aware of the role our market plays in the greater regional economy. So when it recently was announced that the Transportation Security Administration is providing Miami International Airport a $101 million grant to upgrade its security measures, we believed this highlights the critical role the airport plays in the region – and the importance of Miami, Coral Gables and South Florida business economy.

The grant – the second largest made to any U.S. airport – will pay for a dozen next-generation explosive-detection baggage screeners, designed to reduce erroneous or false alarms and speed up baggage screening. The machines use 3-D snapshots and various algorithms to assess contents and address known threats, according to news reports. The work will start within the year and should take five years to complete.

Miami-Dade County Aviation officials told the Miami Herald the news is “a big game-changer.”

Business leaders throughout the community couldn’t agree more.

The upgrade to state-of-the-art technology at Miami International Airport will help business travelers as much as it will leisure travelers. All will enjoy faster, more efficient screening.

As the Coral Gables, Miami and South Florida business community seeks to reaffirm its role as a leading center of regional business and a hub of panregional business, anything that helps executives traveling through MIA will reinforce that role.

As part of the grant and upgrades, a building will be constructed between concourses G and H. It will enable passengers to traverse and connect with flights between the two concourses without having to clear security again.

Another aviation official commented how the grant highlights the confidence TSA has placed in Miami International Airport. To business leaders keen to continue to position South Florida as a vital part of the regional business community – and MIA as a hub that connects U.S., Latin American and even European markets – the confidence is equally desirous.

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